About Me

I have been making rag rugs and other items with many different textiles for about seven years.  My interest started when a friend gave me her box of rags and a tool as she was moving on to other crafts and after a short lesson, I was "hooked".

I began selling at craft fairs where I found that people were very interested in learning how to make rag rugs.  A lady I met at my first craft fair asked if I would be interested in giving talks about my craft to local W.I. which  I have been doing now for four years and thoroughly enjoy.  I am a member of the Heritage Craft Association, which is the advocacy body for traditional crafts whose aim is to keep old crafts alive. I am also a member of Buy From Shropshire.

I love the challenge of learning new rug techniques and turning what is considered to be waste into beautiful items.

I enjoy passing on my skills to others.

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